I like to welcome you on my new  website. The Internet enables me now to present my instruments and service to all the banjo-lovers worldwide.

I received my first banjo at the age of 17  as a christmas present. It was a very simple instrument and I havenīt got a clou where and from whom it was built. It took me quite a while to learn whow to play since there were no teachers to take me by their hands. That little teaching-book of “ALBA” which I had bought wasnīt quite the right means for better inspiration. Anyway itīs nothing compared to all the material which is available to any banjo beginner of today like videos, dixieland harmonies etc. But at those times things were different.

In 1972 my banjo got destroyed in a serious car accident (so was my car) and I was faced with the problem where to get a new one from. By that time I knew exactly what I wanted. I was in a way fascinated from the “Bacon Silver Bell” but I simply had to realize that this was far beyond my financial possibilities. Thatīs the time when I started thinking of building my own instrument.

 I must admit, the time it took to finish this instrument had a bad influence on my studies at university at least timewise but I havenīt regretted it. After all there is more in life than just pysics and I graduated nevertheless.

Right after the banjo was finished a banjo player of the local jazz-scene of Erlangen offered to buy it for an amount of money which I simply couldnīt refuse. thatīs how the second instrument was built, then the third one ...

Today I build instruments in my spare time which is quite rare since I still got a job and moreover I play in several local dixieland bands. The following pages will inform you about my instruments and the service that I offer.

If you have any questions regarding your instruments or if you need any help please donīt hesitate to contact me. You will find the necessary data by hitting the contact-button.

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