Banjo-Web-Site of Tobe Nager from Sweden. Lots of interesting things to see there. Moreover, many links to other banjo-related subjects. Itīs a must for every banjoist

The site of the Blue Moon Sunny Mountain Banjo Company from Switzerland. Especially for friends of bluegrass- und country-musik.

Banjo-Website with lots of links to other banjo-sites and bands.Interessante Banjo-Seite mit vielen Links zu anderen Herstellern, Bands

Peter Gutzwiller

Banjoist of the Casa Loma Jazz Band from Switzerland. His site offers many links to Banjomakers and Jazz-Bands. The visitor will even find information about the beautiful countryside of switzerland. Must be visited!

Marktplatz der Akustik

Market place for stringed instrument manufacturers and dealers world wide. The most complete site on this subject that I know of

Web-Site focusing on folk- and bluegrass musik. Lots of band infos, lists of banjo players, banjo-makers ...
Itīs definitely worth a visit.

This is a site for fans of banjo music. It is played with banjo, guitar and tuba (or base)

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